Upcoming engagements of Susannah Haberfeld - 2014/2015

Wagala Weia Äquivalent – new music market
"Dampfzentrale Bern. Kesselhaus"
Susannah Haberfeld – Mezzo-soprano, Leo Hofmann – vocal performance
Lukas Huber – composition, vocal performance;
Angela Bürger – concept,
scenic enviroment
Premiers: 10th December 2015 - 18 o'clock Cage for Manager,
18:15 Wagala Weia Äquivalent

worship of church
Reformed church "Küsnacht",
with Madelaine Wimbom and Martin Wettstein,
pastor Brigitte Crummenerl,
Premiers: 08th November 2015 - 10 o'clock

Song evening, On this Island - a celebration of English Song
with Charne Rochford, Tenor,
Mikhail Berlin, Piano,
Susannah Haberfeld, Mezzo
in Vogtei Herrliberg, Zurich
for 1st International Song Festival near by the lake of Zurich
Premiers: 08th March 2015 - 17 o'clock

with Anastasia Voltchok, the pianist
Grand Hotel Römerbad in Badenweiler
works of Voltchok, Zemilinsky
Premiers: 24th - 26th Oktober 2014

Rusalka, Antonin Dvorac
New production in the theatre of Biel/Solothurn
Direction: Daniel Pfluger,
Conductor: Kaspar Zehnder
Premiere: 30th October 2014

opera church service
«Reformierte Kirche Küsnacht»
duets and aria of operas, with Madelaine Wibom, Sopran
and Martin Wettstein, piano and organ
Priest: Brigitte Crummenerl
Premiere: 09th November 2014

Words and Music for Remembrance
Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War
70th anniversary of D-Day
St. Dunstan-in-the-West, London, Fleet Street
Premiere: 11th November 2014
More information: www.glenart.co.uk

Christmas church service
Direction: Stefan Müller
Premiere: 24th Dezember 2014