Apart from her main work as opera and concert singer,
Susannah Haberfeld also works in sectors such as direction and production

Season 2014/2015
Management of the babyconcerts
in Biel/Solothun
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Season 2013/2014
Management of the babyconcerts
in Biel/Solothun

Papagenos Talisman,
sponsored by "Liz Mohn Kultur und Musikstiftung"
with support from "Thalia Theater Halle"
children and teenies with social leak background
dicovered Mozart's "Zauberflöte" again
4./5th Februar 2010, performed in "Clara Zetkin Kinderheim", Halle
Direction and Concept: Susannah Haberfeld and Barbara Rucha
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theatre work with a theatre group of immates of the prison »Roter Ochse«
in Halle. Premiers »Gehen will gelernt sein« - 18th April 2009
sector: direction

Kroll: Opera und almightiness, period opera Berlin, Management: Andreas Rocholl
sector: assistance of production
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theatre meeting ’05 Berlin: Invitation of a international forum
younger stage operators sector: assitance of direction

Fledermaus: Casino, Luzern - sector: assitance of direction