Children love to sing. No matter what the musical level, what the ambitions, I support all pupils on their individual way to achieve what they are looking for with their voice.

Singing makes them happy and strengthens their self-confidence as well as their performance skills. Together we find the appropriate repertoire - from classical to musical, jazz and pop and explore what is possible.
My teaching is based on classical voice training, which is the foundation for all healthy singing. Thanks to my extensive experience on stage and in education of music and theatre with children, as well as my life as a mother of a daughter, I can respond to each person lovingly, individually and put together the right singing program for each child.
We also work on body and breathing as well as on building up vocal repertoire. I teach in a humorous and supportive way, with great musical and human empathy, a high level of musicality and draw on a wealth of experience that life has given me. Depending on the need, a creative therapeutic healing process of traumatic experiences can also be possible. Children and young people are very welcome for solosinging, groups or teams of two are also possible.